Brownsville, Brooklyn

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We’re helping community organizations and city agencies better meet Brownsville residents’ needs through inclusive community research, outreach, and co-creation.

We’re creating systemic change that builds our community’s social, financial, and health equity, and changing the narrative about what it means to come from Brownsville #BvillePride

What Residents Are Saying:

Over the last three years, hundreds of residents have shared what they’re most concerned about for the community. The top three stressors:

  1. Safety on the Streets
  2. Food Access & Affordability
  3. Public Transportation Cleanliness & Safety

How We’re Responding Together

Wellbeing Walking Tours – Pilot Program

Residents experience high rates of anxiety and stress around public space safety. So, we’re piloting Wellbeing Walking Tours in neighborhoods where residents demonstrated lower rates of overall well-being.

These tours will build connection and cultural bonding by creating welcoming spaces with interactive installations set along routes, including small performance stages, murals, art installations, exercise stations, and book-share hubs.

Have an idea about what else can be included on the Tours?

PS: Learn more about the psychological benefits of “Experiential Diversity” and how creative placemaking can help improve people’s wellbeing.

Community Data for Community Use

Are you or your organization based in Brownsville and curious how community data might help your programs better meet residents’ needs?

Reach out to collaborate on anonymized community data.

About Us

PS: Brownsville is led by a team of Brownsville residents and community leaders. It is supported by the team at Public Sentiment.

Malene Brissett

Suzanne Dikker

Angus Fischer

Brian Godette

Michael Lenihan

Jeneice Marshall

Pastor James Osei-Kofi

Athenia Rodney

Tenae Simmons

Felicia Zerwas

With Support From:

A big Thanks! to the visionary community members funding and supporting this work:

New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization

Civic Leadership Program supporting education and outreach programs across Brooklyn

Skills-training program, software, and hardware for entrepreneurs, business owners, and lifelong learners all over the world

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