Run constructive engagement that delivers equitable outcomes for your community.

We support you with an approach backed by science, based on relationships, and rooted in trust.

Backed by Science

Our research tools and data analytic approaches are co-developed by social psychologists working alongside residents to assess and make sense of community needs. This means insights are valid, explore cross-cutting factors, and bridge sentiments to solutions.

Based on Relationships

Face-to-face interactions make a world of difference. That’s why we coordinate with local community leaders to serve as project Community Engagement Officers (CEOs) – folding diverse networks into the process through in-person outreach and community service events.

Rooted in Trust

Every interaction with a community member is an opportunity to build trust. We integrate trust-building tools and tactics throughout our engagement plans to ensure everyday touches help build a foundation of respect and understanding between and among community members and those who serve them.

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