Solutions From Those You Serve

Coordinate With Communities

Partner with diverse local organizations serving groups of people based on demographics, interests, and location

Cultivate Resident Sharing

Engage with residents through trained and trusted Community Engagement Officers (CEOs)

Uncover Insights & Answers

Translate emotions and opinions into facts and statistics using cutting-edge technologies and psychology

Design Policy Solutions

Facilitate iterative policy design by decisionmakers and residents using community-based data and insights

Build Trust & Understanding

Facilitate ongoing 2-way communication for sharing and receiving information, insights, and updates openly and transparently

Our Work in Action: Brownsville Sentiment Equity Project

The Brownsville Sentiment Equity Project seeks to build trust and confidence in public institutions—working with city government, local businesses, community organizations, and residents to identify challenges posed and exacerbated by COVID-19—and implement data-based and co-designed solutions that support long-term recovery and growth, focusing on financial, health, and social equity.